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Appsilon is sharing a collection of beautiful and easy to use Shiny app templates based on our Shiny demos.
Each template is open source and fully customizable.

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Shiny Enterprise Dashboard

Enterprise Dashboard

Track metrics with ease

This dashboard is based on an HTML template and styled by Appsilon. This template contains multiple components (e.g., maps, charts, and KPIs). 

Tech stack:

  • Shiny / htmlTemplate
  • Sass, CSS Grid

Destination Overview Dashboard

Monitor shipments and logistics

This is a template based on the shinydashboard package and styled by Appsilon. It contains multiple components (e.g., maps, charts, metrics, and tables). Basic template version included for a simplified dashboard.

For the table, we used DT library. And for the map and charts, we used echarts4r library. You can discover more components on the echarts4r webpage.

Tech stack:

  • Shiny / shinydashboard
  • Sass, CSS Grid
Advanced Destination Overview
shiny.fluent UI App

Fluent UI App

Introduce Microsoft Fluent to your Shiny apps

This is a template styled with shiny.fluent, a package created by Appsilon that allows you to build Shiny apps using Microsoft's Fluent UI. To add more elements follow the shiny.fluent tutorial on Github.

Tech stack:

  • Shiny / shiny.react / shiny.fluent
  • shiny.router
  • CSS / JavaScript


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